A Look at Some of the Best Areas to Enjoy in Indiana

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Visit and Experience Indiana

The Midwestern state of Indiana sees a large influx of tourists each year. Summer tends to be the busiest time of year as visitors flock to enjoy the numerous beaches. However, there are other attractions that can draw in crowds all year round.

Indiana Dunes National Park

This park will be appealing to fans of areas of outstanding beauty. It covers more than 2,000 acres. For this reason, it is recommended by local rangers that people spend multiple days exploring its many features. The Indiana Dunes National Park is located around one hour's drive away from Chicago. It is also close to Lake Michigan. It is possible to camp out in some of the designated areas around the dunes. This makes it ideal for people looking to go on a fishing or bird watching trip.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This is the largest children's museum in the world, covering 472,900 square feet. There are five floors of different exhibits to enjoy. It is located within the city of Indianapolis. The three main domains of the museum are the American, Cultural World, and Natural World collections. This is undoubtedly the perfect place to take children for a fun and educational experience. Some of the most popular exhibits include a dinosaur habitat, a vast glass sculpture, a steam locomotive, and a carousel. The main aim of the museum is to enhance family learning through interactive experiences and active participation.